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• 5/29/2018

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• 11/2/2016

since this needs to be more active

Since the wikia needs to be mroe active, I'm gonna allow AU's! You'd need to make a seperate page for you AU, tho.
I'll make the AU Section right now
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• 8/16/2016


Let's add name pronounciations to the characters, beside their name
So, say theres a character named Atra Nestra, we'd have the pronounciation and her name at the top of the [age, so her page would look like this:
ATRA NESTRA (At-Rah Ness-Ter-Rah)
*Insert information here*
I'll do Midori and make her a page.
In the comments say who you;'re doing
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• 3/15/2016

Chat-Moderator Requirements.

So, if you are interested in beocming a chat-mod, these are the requirements:
Stalking Senpai Badge
Taking Panty Shots Badge
On the wikia atleast 2 days a week
On chat atleast one day a week
Good grammar and spelling
Know atleast 3 simple phrase sin french and their english translation (Not learnt through google translate or Duolingo)
I also reccomend having patience and not getting annoyed easily, and be prepared for people to ask you questions.

Also, if you cannot become a chat mod, then feel free to ask the chat moderator(s) questions, they aren't just here to make chat safe, you can also tell them some things people said to you on chat that you don't like, so they can help solve the problem!
If you wish to become a chat mod, create a forum udner the same category as this one, and say what you have, EG:
{Insert Username Here}
I have the Stalking Senpai badge
I have the Taking Pantyshots badge
I'm on the wikia 5 days a week
I'm on chat 4 days a week
I have good grammar and spelling ({Insert example here})
I know 4 phrase sin french and their english translation without the help of a website ({Insert examples here})
So yee. I'm not doing adimn sign-ups, because 1. The requirements are too strict. 2. The wikia is not big enough to need 3+ admins.
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• 3/14/2016

How do you think

How do you think the dev would react if Midori came to life and was his roommate?
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